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Sanitation Department Hosts Safe Disposal Event In Bronx For Harmful Household Products

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New Yorkers had the chance to dispose of harmful items in their homes, such as old motor oil or medical syringes, at a safe disposal collection Saturday in Bronx.

The city sanitation department collected harmful household products, such as solvents, automotive fluids, flammables, and certain electronics in the sanitation department's station in the parking lot of Orchard Beach.

If you missed the safe disposal event

The next sanitation department collection event is about two weeks later, Sunday, May 20, on West 120 Street between Broadway and Amsterdam Avenue in Manhattan.

What can you bring next time?

  • automotive products such as transmission fluid and batteries;
  • personal care items like unwanted medicines or cosmetics;
  • thermometers;
  • household products like pesticides, paint, and compact fluorescent light bulbs.

How to package items for collection

The sanitation department advises people to:

  • look for items with "DANGER," "POISON," or "CAUTION" labels. Read labels carefully for safe handling;
  • clearly label all products;
  • tightly seal containers;
  • do not mix products or bring open containers;
  • if something is leaking, pack it in a larger container and use an absorbent material, such as kitty litter or newspaper, to soak up excess fluid;
  • place containers upright in a sturdy box to transport them;
  • pack syringes and lancets in a "sharps" container or other clearly labeled leak-proof, puncture-resistant container;
  • place TVs and computer monitors with broken glass in separate sealed bags or boxes.

For more information, including a full list of products that officials collect, visit the sanitation department's website here.


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