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No-Kill Bronx Animal Shelter At Risk Of Closing

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Pedro Rosario

A no-kill animal shelter in Bronx may soon be forced to close due to financial difficulties, according to its owner.

Pedro Rosario started New Beginning Animal Rescue, located at 2515 Newbold Avenue, near Commerce Avenue, in 2010 after spending 16 years with New York City Animal Care and Control.

The shelter's finances took a big hit about three months ago, after multiple rescue services that had been sending animals to New Beginning purchased their own property where they could keep animals instead, according to Rosario.

"That was an income that we were using to be able to support our rescue," he said.

The shelter has applied for grants but has so far been unsuccessful, according to Rosario.

"We don't have a grant writer," he said, "so we've got to do it ourselves."

New Beginning can stay open for another two months as of now, Rosario estimated. He said he is talking to community leaders to try to figure out how to avoid having to shut down the shelter, which depends largely on donations as its main source of funding.

The New York Yankees donated $10,000 to New Beginning last year as part of HOPE Week, a celebration where the team spotlights organizations it deems worthy of support and recognition.


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Pedro Rosario