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Butti The Tortoise Joins Bronx Zoo Cobra

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Butti the Tortoise joins the Bronx Zoo cobra as missing. But unlike the cobra, Butti the Tortoise disappeared as the result of a theft.

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs is deeply concerned about Butti and his health. He is reportedly 13 years, requires serious medical attention and is on a strict diet. Without that Butti, could be in peril.

Butti, obliviously unlike the Cobra, had a different Zoo habitat. Butti was part of an exhibit that allowed Zoo patrons to touch him. But on Monday, one visitor inside his “Loft” reportedly took off with Butti. Butti is the size of a grapefruit.

The theft was believed witnessed by Butti’s Loft co-habitat, Butti’s brother Tutti.

Butti trouble erupted just days after a Bronx Zoo cobra took off, on her own accord. Like Butti, the cobra is of adult age. Bronx Zoo officials have yet to indicate if their cobra’s health is in danger. But Butti suffers from upper respiratory infections.


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