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Tribute To The Victims Of The September 11 Attacks

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New York, NY, September 25, 2001

Please take a moment to remember those who were lost on this tragic day 11 years ago today.

The image features firefighter who surveys the remaining shell and tons of debris of the World Trade Center.

Clearing the rubble from the collapsed twin towers and other surrounding buildings was a daunting task for the hundreds of workers at the site of destruction. The photo was taken by Mike Rieger for FEMA News Photo.

While we will not comment on the forces, which lead to the attacks and what really happened, we would like to invite your attention to Zeitgeist: The Movie, a 2007 documentary film directed and produced by independent filmmaker and social activist Peter Joseph.

The documentary can be seen in its original and consequent edited versions following the YouTube links on its official website here. It has been viewed more than 21 million times online alone.


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At the site of destruction. World Trade Center The World Trade Center site.